The Shire

Web Redesign for Job Recruiting


The Shire

Interaction Design, Web Design, UI/UX

The Shire is a video recruitment platform for job seekers and job posters. The organization was facing challenges with maintaining a user-friendly, visually appealing website. As the lead designer, I worked on the redesign of the website and collaborated closely with the web developer.


The Current Experience

The Current Experience is the major channel for Job seekers to find and apply for jobs, and job posters to list jobs. However, the current website has severe usability problems that make it challenging for visitors to achieve their tasks quickly and accurately.  Some major usability issues were:

    • Lack of visual hierarchy and confusing CTA
    • Disorganized content
    • Confusing navigation
    • Unintuitive flow


Goals for Redesign

I talked with the stakeholder to determine the goals of the redesign.


The goal is to improve the usability by improving the browsing experience. It will allow users to navigate quicker.


Improve the branding and UI to attract more site visitors.

Identifying Usability Issues

I used Heuristic markups and card sorting to identify the major usability issue of the website and fix them with user’s expectations.


  • Too much information, on hierarchy
  • Unorganized menu
  • No match between system and the real world: The system doesn’t speak the users’ language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user, rather is a system that a developer will understand.

  • Problem with user control and freedom: Issues with not putting the user in charge and give them the ability to do things freely. User cannot go forward to the next page without filling all the information. undo and redo. Users should have the ability to “go back” and fix mistakes without hassle. 

Based on research findings, the site needed to organize the navigation structure so that users can find content intuitively and effortlessly rather than finding everything under one menu button. I redesigned the IA by adding the categories.

New IA

Design Decisions

Navigation Bar & Dropdown Menus

Search Bar

Card View

Information Designs
Redesigned the information displayed on the Pricing page.


Final Mock Ups

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